The seasons in Maine are extreme, the winter is bitterly cold and at the height of summer it can be outrageously hot and muggy. Do not think I'm complaining about the heat, bring on summer. I absolutely despise the cold and snow. That being said, the change in seasons does beg a few questions.

First of all, when do you turn off your thermostat? We did that a few weeks ago. There was a warm spell around Mother's Day and that's when we pulled the plug on the heat. One thing we haven't done yet is put in our window air conditioners. For one, they're heavy and the other reason, it's been OK with just box fans. We'll wait until the forecast calls for hazy, hot and humid conditions like, 90+ degrees and muggy.

So, have you put in your A/C or A/Cs yet?

Next question, how often do you mow your lawn? I try to get it done at worst every other week. As I write this, I'm looking out my window and see that it needs to be done. It was 15 days since it was last mowed. Thankfully my neighbors aren't militant about their lawns so I'm alright on slacking.

We don't have a pool, but I imagine many are getting that ready at the moment by shocking it and cleaning it, etc.

Next year I want to concentrate more on gardening. The previous owner of the house had a beautiful garden going when we bought the house. It could have been for staging purposes but regardless, we've somewhat let it go. Have you seen the price of pretty plants? Another reason we haven't concentrated on the trimmings.

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