The Coast Guard takes ALL of the distress calls that it gets very seriously. That's why on Saturday (10-05-19) when they received a radio distress call of a sinking boat with a man and 3 kids aboard, they immediately sprung into action. The radio call, made in a very calm voice given the implied circumstances, indicated that a man was going to attempt to get his kids on TOP of a sinking vessel if he could. He said that if he couldn't they would all just huddle in the water until they were rescued.

The Coast Guard deployed several search and rescue vessels as well as helicopters covering more than 1,500 miles of ocean looking for the mayday victims. The search also included several private citizens searching from their own boats. In all, more than 100 people were estimated to be involved. After nearly 22 hours and no signs of life of wreckage, the search was called off.

What makes it even stranger than the calm voice used to make these calls, is the fact that after days of 'missing, not a single missing persons claim has been made for the 'man' or the 'three kids'.

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