I think it's fair to say that with so much unrest and craziness going on in the world around us and our news-feeds being filled with arguments and negativity, sometimes we just need a daily distraction.

This story is actually a few days old now, but I just happened to see it coming through my Facebook feed this morning from the awesome men and women at the Rockland Police Department on the beautiful coast of Maine.

The other night a woman called in to the department to report that she had heard a kitten crying while she was gassing up at a Rockland store. The lady was gassing up, not the cat. Cats don't drive. When officers Jordan Jandreau and Jedd Aeschlimann arrived on scene, it was determined the kitten was inside a sewer pipe. As a matter of fact, it was so far inside the sewer pipe that it was inside the crawl space of a house.

As the evening went on, officers decided they had no choice but to climb into the crawl space in the house and attempt to rescue the kitty. And by 'officers' I mean officer Jordan Jandreau, since he's the only one that had any chance of actually fitting into the space to rescue the cat.

After a few dicey minutes, Officer Jandreau emerged from the crawl space with the kitten in tow. After a quick examination, it appeared the cat was not in need of any immediate medical care. Though she was clearly terrified from her crazy escapades.

As it turns out, the lady who originally called in the sounds of kitten crying to the PD offered to take the cat home for the night. She said that she would care for the kitten for the evening and then bring her to the vet the next morning. We hope she is doing well and will find a proper home quickly!

Thanks again to the Rockland Police Department for being great members of our local coastal community and for always going above and beyond to protect and serve the citizens of the great state of Maine.

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