What is it that people don't get? Wipers on, headlights on!  I guess I should be more understanding...it's only been a law since the King administration.

As if the torrential rain from Hurricane Sandy wasn't enough, I passed car after car whose drivers were in 'la la land' or they would have noticed when they looked at their dashboard that it was dark because it was almost like night time out there.  And the rain was falling in sheets!  I actually took video coming across Memorial Bridge in Augusta during a deluge but, for whatever reason, my phone didn't save it.  Three times on my trip across the span headed toward the Cony Circle of Death, I yelled inside my Jeep, just to release my frustration, "turn your lights on, moron!"  Nobody heard it.  You would have had the danged video saved.  Just as well...I may have slipped an expletive in before the word "moron."

While I'm on the whole headlights kick, how about the idiots who play the game I like to call, "Let's see if I can be the last one to turn on my headlights today." Time and time again its close to being completely dark and I'll either come right up on someone because I never see taillights or I'll see a group of vehicles with lights on and a (literal) dimwit in the midst of them with no lights on.

Do you feel like I do?  I worry that one of these jokers is going to be driving down the road when one of my family or I pull out of a street on a dark night or morning after checking both ways.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Time for a cup of tea and a frosted Halloween cookie from Hannaford.  I've gone and gotten myself all worked up.