Did you know that only Maine and Massachusetts ban hunting on Sundays. It all goes back to those blue laws that many hold onto tightly, and others feel are old and outdated and need to be changed.

Of course there has been several attempts to repeal the "no hunting on Sundays" laws to no avail.

According to a story by News Center Maine, state Senator Jeffrey Timberlake is introducing legislation he hopes will make hunters and non-hunters alike agree to change the laws with appeal to all.

The difference in Senator Timberlakes proposed legislation that varies from bills in the past is that Timberlake would allow private landowners to hunt on their own "posted" land on Sundays, it would also allow private landowners to authorize others to hunt on their private land on Sundays.

One of the main arguments about lifting the ban on Sunday hunting has always been the fair use of public lands on Sunday during hunting seasons. Some people feel its the only day they can go for a hike or take their dog on a trail walk without the fear of being shot by mistake.

Timberlake addressed this issue in his proposed bill by only allowing the Sunday hunting on private land. All public lands, and State lands that normally would allow hunting would still restrict hunting on Sundays to allow the general public to use these lands without fear.

According to the News Center Maine story Senator Timberlake said:

"I look at this as a private right, you own your land, you pay your taxes, you want to be able to use it"

There has not been a public hearing schedule as of yet for this proposed legislation. But it is clear that many people are very passionate about this subject.

Do you think it is time to relax the "hunting on Sunday" blue law, or should we just keep things the way they are?

Let us know your thoughts.

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