When I was planning the amazingness that was my dorm room, I was beyond excited to create a space entirely from scratch. To say that I had been waiting for this moment for my whole life was an understatement; I had planned this room since freshman year of high school. However, I know not all girls are like me and some take more time or wait before they start gathering supplies. So, I have compiled a list of sorts for the best places to buy the best of the best dorm supplies.

My first stop when it came to designing my room was to pick a color scheme. From there I went on a mission to find my bedding (this was a very key thing because your bed is the focal point of your dorm room). And considering the lack of space in most college dorm rooms, your bed will also function as your dining table, study zone, and late-night movie spot. For all of my bedding needs, I ordered from PB Teen. However, you can also try Dormify, Walmart and Target.

When it came to the little things, like fairy lights and posters, I didn’t just go to one store. Rather, I collected from Target, Walmart, Pier 1 and, basically, bought anything that  matched my desired colors. Another thing that really helped cut down on the expense was to DIY some of the different things in my room. For instance, I made a beautiful wood pallet sign for above my bed; I also cut out stars from cork board and painted them gold to pin little Polaroid pictures to.

The reason why this whole process was essential to me was that I wanted my dorm room to feel like home. I knew that if I felt at home in my dorm room, I would be more likely to assimilate to college life. So, when it comes to organizing and designing your dorm room, consider why you want it to look a certain way. What type of space are you trying to create and does your area feel like a home away from home?


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