St. Patrick's Day is a few days away. On Sunday, you'll be downing pints before you even get a chance to admire the head. If you happen to be in the Boulder, Colorado area, check out Eli the Guinness artist over at Conor O'Neill's. Just don't chug too fast because you might miss some of Eli's handy work.

Eli is a master artist and beer foam is his canvas of choice according to the folks over at Thrillist. Eli whipped up a couple amazing drawings in their Guinness beers. Patrons will want to check the head before they chug them dead. Eli does some fantastic finger work.

Conor O'Neill's explains on their website that "pubs in Ireland are much more than a place for drinking, they are a social experience, part theatre, part debating chamber and part living room" and they are trying to bring that experience to Boulder. Bet the pubs in Ireland don't have a beerhead Picasso like Eli.

Beer Art

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