In a terrific ceremony this afternoon, I got to see my grandson, Evan, get the Student of the Month Award at Windsor School. I am very impressed with the reputation of this school. The caring and nurturing of the kids was evident from the moment the principal, Maggie Allen, began speaking.

When little Evan walked into the assembly, he was thrilled to see us all, including his dad (my son), Matt and his mom, Carrie Hughes.

He didn't know he was getting an award. My heart nearly burst when he walked up to accept it and then was encouraged to pose for photos. He is the most wonderful little boy I've ever met and I am so very proud of him.

Kudos to the Windsor School team. You love your jobs and you embrace the children you're teaching. Trust me when I say, these kids will always hold a special place in their hears for you.

Oh, have I mentioned how proud we all are of Evan? :-)