As we move closer to September…we are getting closer to the new season of television shows. Since many of the shows were shut down early this year will we get new programs for the 2020-2021 season? I mean, I need my Gray’s Anatomy and Survivor. I already know The Crown will be back on Netflix on November 15th. Let us see…what is happening or not happening and when.

I found a story at that takes it from the top and covers not only traditional networks but also many streaming services. Honestly, I don’t watch TV on TV any more…I watch everything off a streaming service or a network app.  

Check out this list; it appears a lot of things have already started and then September 14th looks like a big week. But I do not see much for my go-to shows.

The list of shows that had not made a decision about when they can safely resume work is reasonably long. Survivor, I think, would be one of the more accessible shows to move ahead with production. You get the cast and crew tested and isolated and move forward in a bubble. Maybe I am just overly hopeful. I know CBS has a current season of Big Brother that is on air now. For now, I am watching old episodes of Survivor…and Grey’s Anatomy.

There does seem to be some good stuff on many of the streaming services…so many streaming services.

I also heard somewhere that Tiger King might be back for season two. Not sure that all that is about, but…will I watch? YES!

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