There are so many people that we refer to as heroes after Monday's horrific events in Farmington. Here is one of them. His name is Larry Lord. He is the maintenance man who is credited with evacuating the LEAP building after the smell of gas became apparent. He helped save so many lives and his family needs our help.

As many of you know, Larry Lord was not only involved in yesterday’s devastating explosion, he was a hero.

Larry suffered severe burns on over half of his body, multiple traumas, broken bones, and critical injuries. He was air lifted to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he’s expected to be for 4 months.

Because Larry is in the ICU Burn Unit, there isn’t a place for his family to stay, or even sit, relying solely on nearby hotels.

The best thing about a small town is the way we rally around one another in times of need; lets show the Lord family our love.

Please share this far and wide, and if you can’t donate, perhaps just say a prayer.

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