According to WGME Channel 13, on August 27, young Zoey Freligh was having a sleepover at her grandmother's house in Portland. But things took a turn when Zoey found her loving grandmother unresponsive.

Zoey didn't take a second thought when she immediately sprang into action and called 911, the news station reported.

Because Zoey didn't hesitate and got her grandmother help right away, she saved her life.

Time is of the essence when things like this happen, and the fact that 9-year-old Zoey understood the severity of the situation, kept calm and did the right thing, her grandmother was saved.

Learning about how to deal with situations like these starts at home, and I compliment not only Zoey but her parents for teaching her how to respond in this type of very scary situation.

Zoey was honored in Paris by the Chief of Police on Tuesday, October 12.

The dispatchers presented her with a t-shirt that said, "Not All Heroes Wear Capes."

"We consider you one of our heroes from dispatch."


They gave her a plaque that read,

In recognition of your courageous actions during an emergency situation. Your calmness and informative actions contributed to the saving of your grandmother's life on August 27th, 2022.

It was signed by Patrol Officer Nathan Bowie and Chief of Police Michael Dailey.

For more on calling 911 in Maine, click here.

One interesting thing you might not know is that text to 911 is available in Maine. While calling is still the preferred method, if that is not an option, a text can be made to the number.

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