A six-year-old Belfast boy is being credited for what authorities are saying was a 'life-saving 911 call'.

Six-year-old Jakob Hindman of Belfast, Maine, had just logged on to his computer to start his remote learning for a day of school when he noticed something wasn't right. His mother, Chan'tal Hindman, had just been over to let the dogs out when she was heading back into her bedroom and began to suffer a seizure.

According to WABI TV 5, Chan'tal has a history of epilepsy so Jacob immediately knew what was happening. He picked up the phone and began dialing for help. He called several of Chan'tal's friends but there was no answer. He then attempted to call his father which also produced no answer. It was then that six-year-old Jacob knew it was time to call 911.

Melissa Bisson, Waldo County dispatcher, answered the call. She reported being impressed with how cool and collected Jakob was through the ordeal, despite his young age. Paramedics then arrived on scene and were able to provide the necessary care to Chan'tal. After the ordeal was over, paramedics reminded Jacob that he still needed to log back in to school and finish his remote learning day.

This isn't the end of the story, however. Though the actual emergency happened back on January 11th, Wednesday there was a big celebration for Jakob where he was honored for making the call that saved his mother's life. Not only did he get to go for a ride in a fire truck, every little kid's dream, but he was also given a medal, a plaque and his very own superhero costume.

During the celebration Jakob's mom said, “I’m truly just blown away. I’m baffled at, surprised and very grateful for him. He saved my life."

After 6-year-old Jakob Hindman's mother suffered a seizure in January, Jakob was able to make a 911 call that saved his mother's life. WABI TV5

Posted by Owen Kingsley on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Remember, it's never too early to start talking with your kids about how to react to certain situations and how to place a call to 911. It's also important to show your kids how to bypass a cellphone 'lock screen' and press the appropriate buttons that allow you to make an emergency call even when the phone is locked.

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