From October, 2021....

Go ahead and file this one under "what in the actual heck?". According to a Facebook post from the Westbrook Police Department, a gravestone was found in the middle of the road on Sunday morning.

So, how exactly did this gravestone end up there? Why was it there? Where did this thing even come from? Well, these are all questions in search of answers according to officials.

The stone, which was found in the middle of Methodist Road in Westbrook, belongs to someone named Mary Pratt who apparently passed away on June 21st, 1840. Clearly this is an old stone, and we don't really think anyone has it out for Mary, unless there is some long-standing grudge that has been passed down generationally.

The Westbrook Police did some research of their own and were unable to come up with any other family or gravesite information. However there is strong speculation that this stone made it's way to Westbrook from a cemetery in Yarmouth.

If you or someone you know have any information on the stone, or the late Mary Pratt, you're asked to contact the Westbrook Police Department at 207.854.0644.

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