As the Red Sox home opening series wraps up today with hopefully a sweep of the Washington Nationals, I present to you a list of 15 little known facts about Fenway Park.

Here is a list of 15 things you may not know about Fenway Park.

1. The ground rules get more and more ridiculous.
Fenway is a quirky little park. What's a fair ball, what's a home run, ground rule double always needs explaining.

2. The "Green Monster" was once a pile of dirt.
It wasn't until 1937 that the 37' wall came to be.

3. Canvas Alley was made for elephants.
Yes, the area was made for circus elephants

4. Fenway Park was the first place that had foul ball netting behind home plate.
No need for an explanation as to why. Beer is expensive at the ballpark.

5. Ben Affleck ruined a wedding at Fenway when shooting a movie.
The scene involved gunfire in the concourse and well, it didn't add to the ambiance of the ceremony.

6. No one has ever hit a ball onto the right field roof.
It's amazing to think during the peak of the steroid era not even Manny Ramirez hit one there.

7. Right field used to be a parking lot for the players.
Now it's used as a spot to "shift" every time Big Papi comes to bat.

8. Ted Williams demanded hot steaming showers.
"I'm Ted Williams, I do what I want!"

9. Fenway Park has the largest press box.
Good news considering all of the national talents' egos. with Joe Buck around, no one else could fit otherwise. I kid!

10. You can request a "meet and greet" with 'Wally' the Green Monster at your seat.
On a personal note, most toddlers will cry and run when mascots come around. You've been warned.

11. Fenway has the last wooden seats in the major leagues.
You are sitting on history, and passed gas from 100 years ago.

12. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered his last speech at Fenway.
His speech took place on November 4, 1944.

13. No games could be played on Sundays until 1932 due to blue laws.
I was going to make a joke saying "no beer, no game" but this was during prohibition so there would have been no beer regardless.

14. Fenway used have a bowling alley where Game On is today.
The wood from that bowling alley has been used for the bar top at the Budweiser deck in above right field.

15. The trees on Yawkey way are old.
They were saplings in 1912.