Yippee!! We've decided to go green but, unfortunately, it's all in our swimming pool!

The good news here is, we used less chemicals in June so, in a way, we are being eco-friendly. Unfortunately, the lower amount of chemicals in the water was a direct result of all the rain. I just didn't get out and keep the levels of chlorine and algae killer where they should be. Now, I'm paying for it. It's like starting the season all over again. I put 7 pounds of shock in and 16 ounces of algae killer in. Now, I wait.

I'm hoping things clear up in time for the weekend. Although the pool is still cleaner than any lake, it just doesn't look inviting like crystal clear water does. Are you suffering from the same plague? Did you correct it quickly? How?

Hey Mac, your pool's clear, can you come help me with mine? PLEASE?

Love, Jonny