There she is in all her glory.. A frickin' Pickerel. Insert laugh emoji here. Not exactly what I wanted to reel in on the first cast of the open-water season, but it is what it is! Over the weekend we went over and hung out with our friends (also our neighbors) and had some fun! We did a little 4-wheeling, flew my drone into a tree...ya know, normal Sunday stuff. As evening rolled around, we thought we might as well take a rip down to the pond and toss out a couple lines or two. Take a cast, take a swig.. take a cast, take a swig.. tak- you get it. Anyway, on my 6th cast I got a pretty good strike, set the hook, and pulled this bad Larry to shore.

Can't wait for MANY more days of fishing out on the boat. Hopefully my pal Joey isn't too sad he got skunked on Sunday.