As I write this, the Patriots' GoFundMe page set up by a fan to help the team pay the one million dollar fine is up to $8,600 in donations.  To me this is ludicrous as there are so many local people and organizations that need help more than Bob Kraft.

I know people are having fun by donating, and some are mad about the NFL's punishment on Brady and the New England Patriots and are acting out in donating to this page. Me I think doing this is first of all is a total waste of money as Bob Kraft and the New England Patriots have more money in their accounts than many state budgets, so there really is no point in giving money to this “cause.”

If you're thinking about sending money to help Bob Kraft and the organization pay the million dollar fine, can I remind you of local people who need help whether it be due to outstanding medical bills because of extreme procedures, fire, family emergency, etc? There are many other great causes here in Maine you can donate to as well.

I have compiled a list of five better GoFundMe pages over the Patriots GoFundMe page to give money.

If there is a special cause in your heart then that's who or where you should help.