Cue up the cooler weather, the changing color of the leaves, Chesney singing 'boys of fall' and lace up the cleats- it's time for some Friday night lights!

Hey peeps, Matty James here, and you probably already know that I'm a die-hard football fan. I can't play worth a crap, but I love to watch it.. especially when it's in my own back yard. And this Friday night, football under the lights returns to South China, Maine.

A program that has been around for decades, Central Maine Football and Cheering, is an organization that provides area middle and high school students with an opportunity to play football when their schools don't offer an in-house program. As a matter of fact, my oldest son Evan signed up this year and is the starting center for the Junior Varsity team!

Coming up this Friday evening at 7p, the Central Maine Eagles Varsity team, under the leadership of Coach Hamel, will be playing at home on the field next to China Primary School. The Eagles will be taking on the defending champions from Washington Academy. And yes, this game will happen unless the weather gets wicked-friggin-nasty.

With a kickoff time of 7p, this is a perfect chance for area residents who don't get a look at football under the lights frequently to get out and have some fun. The game is totally free to attend, but keep in mind that the snack shack will be open! And, this is a totally self-funded organization, so visiting the snack shack really helps the program :)

We'll see you Friday night, under the lights, in South China!

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