The answer to why we all should eat honey only made in New England, and more precisely, honey that's made in the state we live in, is quite simple: it's better for our health and builds our immune system.

Eating honey made from your surroundings means that you're getting the natural native allergens because when we eat this honey, we're ingesting pollen from our environment.   According to, this means we should become less sensitive to our surrounding elements and crazy temperatures, which truly helps fight sickness. Better sleep, reduction in allergies, and an immune system boost are all part of eating local honey due to its hyperlocal, powerful antioxidants made from the plants and vegetation you're around and breathing in every day.  Fall is the time to start building up your defenses for cold and flu season, and then keep it going to build up defenses for spring allergies, especially when our temperatures fluctuate so dramatically here in New England.

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According to the Farmer's Almanac, local honey comes from our local environment.  I mean, this sweet stuff is about more than just tasting amazing!  You see, our local bees make local honey, which means the pollen they collect and bring back to their hive comes from our very own New Hampshire, Maine, or Massachusetts plants. This really goes with every single state as well.

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According to Tom's Maine Honey, it's a win-win.

In addition to potentially fighting allergies, one of the great benefits of local honey is that it’s unprocessed and pure. The stuff you find in the grocery stores is often filtered, a process that removes the trace amounts of pollen it might contain. The purer the honey, the stronger its medicinal benefits, like potential anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


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