In this economy and in this part of rural old Maine, we're no strangers to seeing businesses come and go. However, I would argue, that the number of businesses coming and going in this area has been on the increase ever since COVID.

Our studio location is a prime example of that. We work out of the Augusta Plaza on Western Avenue here in Augusta. You know, 'where K Mart used to be'. And, at least it seems, that only a few of the original businesses are left. Out studios, the laundromat and Wendy's.

Augusta Plaza
Augusta Plaza

The same can be said for many other business locations around Augusta. Don't even get me started on the Turnpike Mall. Can you even consider that a 'mall' anymore? Probably not.

Anyway, I digress here a little bit. If you haven't heard the churning of the social media rumor mill, it appears as though a popular restaurant may be headed for Maine's Capital city.

In multiple discussion threads about the city of Augusta, it is being reported that the old Amato's location (which used to be a Dunkin' way back in the day) is soon to become a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Amato's Augusta
Amato's Augusta

As you can imagine, at least for people familiar with the former Amato's, the building and adjacent land doesn't really seem suitable for what would traditionally be a very large restaurant. Quite, frankly, there isn't enough room.

So again, we turn to the rumor mill which, at least at this point, is speculating that the new B Dubs location is going to be takeout only. And, if true, this tracks with the current business model that Buffalo Wild Wings has been implementing around the country.

Buffalo Wild Wings Exterior In Jacksonville
Getty Images for Buffalo Wild Wi

According to an article published by RestaurantDive.Com,

  • Buffalo Wild Wings opened the 100th unit of its off-premise-centric model, dubbed Buffalo Wild Wings Go, in New York City this week, the company said in a press release. 
  • The company has commitments signed for another 600 BWW Go locations, of which 85% are from existing Inspire Brands franchisees. 
  • Buffalo Wild Wings has over 1,300 sports bars that now use the BWW Go branding for their takeout and delivery orders, but it plans to reach 150 standalone BWW Go locations by the end of this year.

So while we can't confirm on their website or city licensing if this spot really is going to become a Buffalo Wild Wings Go location, I tend to believe it's likely based on the sheer number of people online who have heard about this.

Needless to say, we're pretty pumped!

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