Alright, I suppose that before we dive in to the meat and potatoes (now I'm just hungry) of this weekend's forecast for Central Maine, we must first explain what these words mean.

In the article's title, you'll noticed that I said the cold weather is 'finna' pop off'. But, what exactly does that mean? Well, in an attempt to come across as a younger and trendier version of myself, I'm trying to use slang that the much younger (and much cooler) kids are using.

'Finna' is a slang for 'fixing to'. So instead of saying 'I'm fixing to go to bed soon', one might say, 'Yo bae, daddy is finna' hit that hay stat'. Right? People would say that, wouldn't they?

Anyway, it's going to get cold.

There's no doubt that we have been spoiled with much warmer air temperatures than are what is typical for Central Maine this time of the year. However, all of that is going to change in just a couple days.

According to WGME Meteorologist, Christian Bridges, the temperatures will start their downward trend on Friday and, by Sunday, he says they will be 'downright frigid'.

Though we're currently seeing daytime highs hovering near the 50 degree mark, get ready to shave about 30 degrees off of that by the time Sunday arrives. That's right, daytime highs at the end of the weekend will struggle to break 25- and that's before you factor in the wind chill... there's always a wind chill.

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