UDPADE 4/15/17  - 10:00 AM- April has given birth! Check out the live video below! At first glance, Baby G appears to fine!

UPDATE 4/15/17 - 8:07 AM- April is finally giving birth!  Check out the live video below.

UPDATE 2/27/17 - 10:35 AM- We have an update, still no baby giraffe. Keep watching the live feed below!

Here a Facebook Live video from Animal Adventure Park. It is up close and personal, therefore a bit graphic, just so you know.

There is the Youtube.com feed:

Earlier in the year, there were issues....
Thousands and thousands of us are waiting for 'Baby G'...the baby giraffe that is soon to be born at the Animal Adventure Park in New York state.
There were some issues. The live feed was taken down for a while, but it is now back.
Check out this message from the park as to why the feed went down. AND stay up to date with April the soon-to-be mamma giraffe!

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