It's hard to believe that our son Dylan next year will be a sophomore at Edward Little High School, Justin will be a 7th grader at Auburn Middle School and Vikki is now three years old.

Yesterday, was Vikki's 3rd birthday. It's doesn't seem that long ago we were at Maine Medical Center, stressing about epidurals, contractions, her birth, and the NICU stay immediately following.

Today aside from her UTI concerns she is a healthy, smart and happy girl.

We had her birthday party yesterday with family and close friends who all showered her with, toys, books and clothes.

Her party started around two where she played with her friends, children my sister in-law looks after on Saturdays in the backyard. Afterwards, we inside inside for presents, cake and ice cream.

I personally want to thank all who came and gave Vikki all of the cool gifts!

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