Lynn my wife and I signed the closing paperwork on our house a year ago yesterday, June 29, 2012. A year ago today we moved in. I remember the day well. Many family members and friends helped us. We went through I think two flats of Poland Spring water.

Honestly we still have a few boxes that still aren't unpacked from the move. Just little odds and ends type stuff. Yes, the junk drawer contents from the old place are still in ream boxes in our closet. We have a ton of stuff too in the basement just waiting to be displayed at our yard sale which never seems to take shape, but I digress.

One year down, the only real surprise was how much oil really costs. We went through probably $4000 in the past year in heating and hot water and that was keeping the temperature at 65 through the winter. Better planning for this winter. "Operation: Save" after our trip in 10 days.

We did some soft remodeling on the upstairs. Painted and resurfaced the floors in the two boys rooms and upstairs half bath. We also made a makeshift patio in the back yard. That's pretty much the summary of the house in 365 days.

29 more years to go before it's paid for, but getting closer.


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