For tonight’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ submission, a story about how I literally bumped into 70s, 80s and 90s rocker Alice Copper.

I remember it being winter but couldn’t remember the date, so I decided to look it up and it turns out, it was January 8th of 1990. Cooper was on his ‘Trashes of the World’ tour with Great White opening and that night he was in Halifax.

I’d say it was probably about 5-7 pm, the store must have been between rushes so I wanted to go out for a breath of “fresh air.” The way the counter was, it was easier to go out the “in” door as apposed to walking around and going through the correct door.

At this time of year it’s dark early, I without looking barge right through the “in” door and pretty much take down this skinny who at the time looks to me like an old hippie type. I said “I’m sorry” a number of times. As I apologize profusely, two huge dudes glare at me, I’m nervous but the three carry on and walk into the store.

As they’re in the store looking around, it dawns on me, “that’s Alice Cooper.” It took me a bit because a) I was still worried about the skinny guy’s two rather large friends and b) the only way I knew Alice Copper was but the rock stage presence, the whip, makeup leather pants. He was dressed in normal clothes.

After about 10 minutes it clicks, I rented him his movies on voucher from the Holiday Inn, and they all leave.

So, when I say I ran into Alice Cooper, I actually did run into him.

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