Time for a ‘Throwback Thursday’ story and this week’s topic is getting a Driver’s license.

Do you remember when you passed and got that notarized temporary license that was good for, if I recall 90 days? Was it on your first attempt? Girls, did you wear make-up and do your hair for the photo? I know some who did.

I was a late bloomer, mostly because where I’m from there was no need and in my case, no car to drive. Living in a bigger city driving isn’t a necessity, but when I moved to Maine in 1995 I began the process of getting my much needed license.

I was living in Bangor when I passed the written test. In fact, I think I actually got 100%. If not I got one wrong. When I was 16 I failed the written test and that maybe have discouraged me a bit too from getting my license when I was younger.

A friend of mine at the time taught me how to drive. Primarily I learned how to drive on a late 80s automatic Honda Civic hatchback.

During the 60 days where I was learning I moved to Augusta and that is where I took my test.

At the time the Bureau of Motor Vehicles was across from Safelite I believe they have since moved, but anyway that is where I took my road test. Basically I drove around the Capitol Building and parallel parked. I passed on my first shot. The tester told me to work on my parallel parking and handed me my temp license.

Today, not only do you have to drive for 60 days on a learner’s permit before mailing it in for the road test but now you also have to log hours. Not as easy of a test today I hear either. Literally, I drove around the block.