Two years ago this coming Sunday we moved into our house, first house. Up until then we were apartment dwellers. At this time in June of 2012, I was scared because the idea of being responsible for property seemed overwhelming.

I was thinking, yikes, a 30 year commitment. I wasn’t and still not convinced I’ll outlive the mortgage, but the joy the house has given us wasn’t what I was expecting and so far no regrets on buying.

Knock on wood, but since we moved in there really hasn’t been anything serious we’ve had to deal with for the exception of the bathroom when we first bought the place and the bathroom redo we knew we’d have to take care of upon moving in.

I can’t say we haven’t had stresses over oil bills in the winter or sacrificed making those monthly mortgage payments but wouldn’t give it up to move back to an apartment unless we absolutely had to for some reason. There is something special about having your piece of space on the planet. Obviously the bank owns more of it than we do but you know what I mean.

I may get irked by having to mow the lawn where it takes me over an hour, but that feeling of frustration goes away when I look at it after I'm finished with a feeling of accomplishment and say, “wow, that’s an awesome job.”

All of our kids have their own rooms, which has to be good for the soul and psyche. They’re messy rooms but they’re theirs.

There are things about the house I get negative about, like the carpet in the dining room and lack of overhead lighting in the original living room or as we use it, study/play room.

The real positive is the land that surrounds the house. We have a decent sized back yard for being in the city which the kiddos love plus we have an additional three acres of woods which include paths and a ball field at the other end of the property.

Of course on top of having your own space, you also monetarily add value to your life. Houses over time generally go up in value unless you get sucker punched by a housing bubble. Even if you hang on through those leaner times on the other side the value should increase. Who knows maybe when we're in our 60s and the kids are all gone, a big developer will want our property and entice us to sell with an inflated offer?

Certainly the dreams of renovations and upgrades and our lives together making memories in our house trump living in a three or if you can find one a four bedroom apartment.

I’m so happy Lynn talked me into buying our house when I was worried about what could go wrong. Not too bad for $100,000!! We're two years down and 28 to go!