As you may have noticed I've taken the week off. It's part vacation, and partly to make sure things go smoothly while work is being done at the house.

This week we're having lead removed from around the windows and the windows replaced. While this is all going on we're staying at a hotel. A nice little change from normal life, a big breakfast daily, housekeeping, pool, hot tub and gym. We'll get to the gym later.

Because of forgetting things at the house, like a razor, deodorant and other assorted stuff, we've had to go back to the house on occasion and this is what the house looked like on the inside on day one of the renovation. Yes, all the windows are quarantined in the house like the one here in this photo.

We went over yesterday (day two) and things are coming along. All of the new windows are in place and it looks like just detailed labor is left at least to me. We have the hotel room until Friday morning. The room is really more of a suite, we have two bedroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen and small living room area.

At any rate we're here enjoying the pool area and gym like I said. I'll be honest, I'm not one who uses machines, and here is the proof, my first time on a computerized treadmill.