My son Justin turned 11 years old on January 12th but last night into this morning was his birthday party with friends. Like with Dylan this past summer, Justin had a few friends overnight to celebrate. Lynn made awesome homemade pizzas for dinner last night and the leftovers I think will make for great eats while watching the NFC and AFC title games. Yes we could order out, but actually it's just as fast and better made at home. You can add tons of whatever you like, it's less expensive and tastes way better.

11 Candles

Justin's friends started arriving at about 5pm last night while prepping the pizzas and Vikki was whining and bugging for pepperoni out of the bag and other toppings. As soon as everyone got to the house, they went upstairs to play 'Just Dance 4' on the Wii. We moved the Wii up to Justin's room for the night so I could watch the Bruins season opener and so the kids could be with each other without us parents being in the way.

After about an hour of 'Just Stomp on My Head 4' It was dinner time and the pizza got scarfed down in about 15 minutes. Then off to the living room for the gifts to get opened. Back up stairs for more Wii and all the craziness that ensues. Justin and his friends had a great time. It's always a good party if no one gets hurt and nothing breaks. In all seriousness, any of Justin's friends are welcome any time. They are all great kids!

You have to have a cake and yes we bought that. I'm really not sure where I went wrong but I raised both boys to be Red Sox fans. The technique worked with Dylan but not Justin, so my apologies for the cake picture, but it's his birthday party and who am I to disallow the cake. As the saying goes, "you attract more bees with honey." I may have to tweak my ways with Vikki. I can't have her stray.

Today's plans? Just relax and maybe go out to Game Stop so Justin can burn a gift card he got last night, we'll see. Other than that, just killing time until the Patriots and Ravens AFC title game at 6:30pm.