It was such a beautiful weekend to be outside in Maine. No matter what it is you were doing, the weather was likely perfect for it. Unless of course you were trying to go skiing. Snow, not water.

Our family was busy with all kinds of things this weekend, including our youngest son's (Dawson) birthday party. We decided this year to throw his party at my parent's house in South China. We wanted to do a Baby Shark themed pool party, so that's what we did.

We had about 35 people in attendance for the party as we celebrated our little dude turning two. We had fruit platters, candy bags for the kids and all kinds of crunchy snacks ranging from Cheetos to pretzels, Doritos and more.

As people were enjoying their socializing, snacking and swimming, my dad (Jon James) wouldn't stop talking about potato salad and how bummed he was that we didn't bring any to the party. I laughed it off, as I tend to do most things and went about my day.

A while later he comes back to me and says he want to go to Tobey's Grocery and get some potato salad to share with everyone. We then have to get several people to move their vehicles so he could get his truck out and head to the store.

Half an hour later dad returns back from Tobey's and come out on the deck with a 3-gallon bucket of fresh potato salad. He informs me that he's going to put it in the fridge until I get the grill going for burgers and dogs.

I immediately asked what he was talking about. He reitterated that he would wait to put the bucket of PS out until I had begun grilling. I then informed him that I wasn't going to be grilling.

"What do you mean you're not grilling?" he asked me.

I explained that we were just doing fruit, chips, light refreshments and cake. At that point, through a thick cloud of confusion, dad decided that he might as well just pop off the lid and begin serving the potato salad to whoever wanted some.

Dad literally went inside and got a big plastic ladle and, with one arm clutching the bucket and the other holding the utensil, he began going person to person and plopping down ladle-fulls of potato salad on people's plates. It was a delicious combo. Watermelon, grapes, Cheetos and gobs of potato salad.

Oh, in addition, he spilled a bunch on the stairs and then stained his shirt picking it up.. and he didn't change the shirt. Just left the old potato salad stained tee on for the duration of the party.

But, in the end, people really did enjoy their heaping helpings of potato salad.


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