Some people are just crazy. Take for instance a Southern California potential hire showing up to a job interview drunk then allegedly stabbed the guy hiring.

To make a long story short, Jose Lopez came to a job interview drunk and when the interviewer asked him about the alcohol on his breath a fight broke out and Lopez stabbed the boss.

The business owner was taken to the hospital for a minor stab wound and Lopez was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

I was trying to think back in my life whether there was a weird interview or one that went bad. I can’t think of any that turned into anything out of the ordinary.

In fact for the exception for one, I’ve gotten the job after every interview I’ve had. Setting aside the few where I decided I didn’t want the job.

The only time I didn’t get the job after an interview where I wanted the job was back in 1998 at WRED in Saco when I was about to move to Portland.

Come to think of it, I lost out to a job back in 1996 after an interview in Gardiner, but every other interview has turned into employment.

How about you? Any interview stories?

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