Today, I visited my mom and wished her a happy birthday. I told her about Michelle’s graduation and that her little great grandson Evan is adorable and that he was getting bigger and talking more and more like a little Matthew. Then, I asked her to watch over me like she always did. Although she didn’t answer, I knew she was listening. I could feel it…

Mom went to heaven in September of 2006. She had been sick for some time and school had been in session for about a week. I’ll never forget the call I got from Jodi at Glenridge in Augusta. “It won’t be long,” she said. “You should get here as soon as you can.”

As the rest of the Moose team was getting ready to go into a meeting I was pardoning myself to go see my mother, not telling anyone the gravity of what was happening. The staff has always been so supportive, like a family.

When I arrived, dad was at her bedside and Matt picked Michelle up at school and brought her in. My brother and sister arrived after a while and Reverend Brian Kline, our pastor, came in. We gathered, talked to mom, who was unresponsive, and assured her it was alright to go…that we were all here. Those were the hardest words I've ever had to say.

Today's trip to Oak Grove Cemetery in Gardiner was long overdue, but it was a trip I had to make. Today’s her birthday and we had a little catching up to do.