It’s a day where we all wear green and some people go even more insane than others in attire. Have you guessed, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Many will head out tonight and party with shamrock shades, green top hats and green beer!

We in America use this day as a day to celebrate like we use New Year's or Super Bowl Sunday, but what does this day mean to the Irish in Ireland?  Do they party like us, do they wear shirts that say, “Kiss Me I’m Irish" and do they eat corned beef and cabbage?

The answer to that is, Ireland marks the day a little different than we do according to Wikipedia. The Irish may celebrate the day with parades and observances. In Ireland it is a day where they mark when Christianity came to Ireland.

I don’t live over there nor do I have any family or friends that do so I can’t tell you how the average person in Ireland celebrates the day but from what I read it doesn’t seem to with all of the same craziness we do in the US. It’s more of a cultural event much like Mardi Gras is to New Orleans.

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