So, how has your "Black Friday" shopping gone so far? We’re you out at midnight? Have you rested since you started? Every "Black Friday" I think of those who work retail. Yes, they don’t have a chance to watch the clock or get bored but what a day I’m sure.

I remember "Black Friday" as a retail employee on two occasions. My first time working "Black Friday" was at Radio Shack in Gardiner back in 1996. We got a small commission, so I was looking forward to the floodgates opening up. Yes it was busy but it wasn’t overwhelming by any means. I can remember selling a big mast TV antenna but I think that was the highest priced package I sold that day. We were also a distributor for one of the satellite companies back then too. I'm sure that customer who bought the antenna kicked himself soon after that purchase. I was hired as Holiday help so my time there was short lived. If I recall I was laid off just after New Years day.

My other "Black Friday" was at Poore Simon’s back in 1997 next door to the Moose in Augusta at the Augusta Plaza. Poore Simon’s if you don’t know was a New England clothing store chain that sold the major athletic brands, Levis and their own apparel. Again like Radio Shack the year before it was busy but nothing we couldn’t handle.

Strangely neither of the two places are still around. Maybe I’m bad luck to have on board as a "Black Friday" employee? I’m kidding but it is odd that both of those retail places I worked for are gone, however, like I said neither of them were crazy busy.

So maybe if you’re working a larger chain today I can’t feel your pain but I’m thinking of you all the same. Be well and relax tonight when you get home.