We've all either been there ourselves or witnessed this happen to someone we know. A furry friend falls ill or injured and the estimate to treat the animal is far too steep for the owner. No one should ever have to hear that they have to euthanize their pet simply because they can't afford the necessary treatment. That's the mentality of Action for Animals, a non-profit based in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.


Their mission is

...to contribute financial aid to approved applicants to help pay for procedures, hospitalization, medication, veterinary follow-ups, and emergency animal services to realize the full recovery of the owner's pet.

This past weekend the organization hosted an event at Brady's Restaurant in Boothbay Harbor to give out information and raise money for the cause. Underhound Railroad was there too with a bunch of adoptable dogs.


The organization currently only serves Lincoln County but have big dreams to expand throughout the state but can't do that without help! Monetary donations are always accepted and they will accept pet food and new toys. They are also looking for folks to volunteer as dog walkers and warm bodies for various events and charity drives. Get more details on how to help at their website, here.

They are a fairly new organization but are already saving lives.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with their success stories and upcoming fundraising events. Support this organization filling a very real need in Lincoln County so they can expend to serve the rest of the state as well.

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