With the first snowstorm of the season upon us the inevitable shoveling and snow blowing follows. One of the things I learned very early on in life is how to avoid the "second shovel."

Once you have your driveway all cleared of snow and you're standing there admiring your work you hear the low rumble and the unmistakable grinding of metal on pavement and before you know it, the town snow plow has just created a snow barrier at the end of your driveway!

My mom would always make me clear around our mailbox which was right next to the driveway, once I had cleared around it, I noticed that after the plow had swung through I had avoided the dreaded "second shovel" because there was no snow in the plow's path a few feet before the driveway. Either my mom is a genius or just really wanted to make sure we got our mail delivered.

The Maine DOT has shared this diagram to show just how easy it is.

Ctsy MaineDOT
Ctsy MaineDOT

Try it next time you have to clear your driveway!


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