I once had a teacher who put us down for naps during the school day while she would drink from a bottle she had hidden in her desk. Well, my kindergarten teacher had nothing on this Syracuse 'educator' arrested last week.

I grew up an 'Army Brat.' We lived in so many different places when I was very young, including Germany. On the base in Stuttgart, where my dad was stationed, I went to kindergarten. I remember it was a full day of school and right after lunch we were told to pull out our blankets and pillows and take a nap. While we were doing this the teacher, I seem to recall her name being Mrs. Brown, but I'm not quite sure, used to open up a drawer in her desk. She would pull out a bottle of something and drink away. I later found out, after she was no longer my teacher, that she had been boozing while we were sleeping. Ahhhh, memories.

If you think that was bad, get a load of what happened in New York last Thursday (Jan. 30). You've heard wonderful stories about teacher heroines? Well, this story is about a heroin teacher!

Claudia Reaney, 49, a teacher at Buffalo Point Elementary School was arrested for investigation of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Mrs. Reaney was a third grade teacher who must have missed the school memo about bringing heroin onto school property. On a tip, police brought a drug sniffing dog to the school. First, the dog sniffed out something in a car in the parking lot. That car belonged to Reaney. Next, the dog went to her classroom where it detected another hit on the teacher's purse. Inside of the purse, that's where officers found several foils and straws that tested positive for heroin.

School's out!

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