One of my biggest pet-peeves when driving is drivers not yielding on the highways.  People, people, we have rules of the road for a reason… it is so we are all on the same page.  Be it on a highway, side-street, parking lots or the grocery store at least kinda sorta follow the rules of the road.

I found this on the Maine State Police Facebook page from 2015 and it is as true today as it was when it was posted and it is about the yield sign.   Hey, if you have the yield sign facing you…it is on YOU to yield.  I know…surprise, right?  Who know?  I know, it is extremely inconvenient for you to follow the rules and OF COURSE, it would make more sense for YOU that I break all the rules, putting myself and the others following the rules at risk, but when you are coming down to the end of an on/off ramp of have the yield or in some cases there is a stop sign.

You do not have the right of way.

Back to a highway on-ramp,IF the person in the travel lane wants to be a sweetie and move over that is their choice. Sometimes…YES sometimes there are vehicles in BOTH LANES…and even if I wanted to move over, and most of the time I don’t want to, I CAN’T because there is someone there, traveling in the passing lane. The cars in the lanes that have the right of way are in your way I am so sorry.  It will be ok.  OMG….checkout this post from the Maine State Police.

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