Since leaving behind the Brodys, Showtime seems to have set Homeland on a yearly reboot schedule, first moving to Islamabad, and most recently relocating Carrie to Germany, so where will the international terror drama set up shop in Season 6? Domestically, it turns out, living up to the Homeland name with a move to New York City, and an eye on “many more seasons to come.”

Showtime boss David Nevins could only offer so many details of the coming season, likely to premiere sometime this fall, other than to confirm to TCA reporters that the action would shift to Carrie in New York City, and spend most of the season domestically. Naturally, questions soon turned to Quinn’s fate, to which Nevins only acknowledged knowing as much as they did, while programming boss Gary Levine offered “Should Quinn live, it won’t be in any way shape or form that he’s lived before.”

As to an endpoint in mind for the series, Nevins offered that executive producer Alex Gansa tends to work one season at a time, though the network envisions plenty of additional seasons to come. They’ve had vague conversations about the end, but nothing definitive.

We’re personally excited to have Homeland Season 6 set in our own homeland of New York, but will Quinn be along for the ride? When should Carrie finally call it quits?

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