According to WGME Channel 13, people who are without homes are now living in campers in Portland.

There are so few apartments available that campers are what is being used. Why campers? Well, tent's are no longer allowed.

According to the article, a couple of reasons why they are living in campers are because of evictions and the rents are too expensive.

There have been so many parking lots around Maine that have been occupied by homeless, living in campers. This is something that I have personally noticed.

Why don't they just park the campers at campgrounds? Well, campgrounds normally charge over a thousand dollars a month to have a spot and they can't afford it.

According to the article, Kirk Williams is someone living in a camper said,

You're paying $1,200 to $1,400 a month rent. When you can't afford that, what are you supposed to do? I didn't want to go live in a tent. So I chose to go live in a camper.

Kirk is just one of the families that have began to reside in campers in the North Deering neighborhood in Portland.

Another resident's home burnt down and her and her teenage children are also living there, according to the article. The home she rented after was sold and had no choice

What does the City of Portland have to say about this? Mark Dion, City Councilor says that he's seeing more homeless living in campers and vehicles but they can't "intervene if they are parked on private property."

When the city does intervene, most are making sure to keep moving from place to place as to not get caught.

Portland is working on an outreach program to get help for these Mainers. Neighbors are complaining about the camper residents.

One Mainer complained, describing the campers as "dilapidated RVs" and that those living in them are are "homeless drug dealers."

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