Check out this video for a smile:

I bet you think it is something nasty. I don’t know…maybe some sort of barricade or other deterrents to keep people out. But nope. It is so much better.

The kid was out was with his parents, and when they would get to this driveway, the kid would swoop in and enjoy the open space and made a loop. The homeowner has a driveway security camera, and when the kid would do this, it would set off a notification. At first, the homeowner, by his own admission, was a little annoyed, but then he was getting into it. Not only did he not do anything to stop the kid, but the homeowner also made it clear the kid was welcome.

The homeowner went out and used chalk to make a course for the kid to ride! After each course was washed away in the rain, the homeowner would create a new course…bigger and better! And the little kid was doing a great job of working the course.

The little kiddo was not the only one who was enjoying the course; many other people in the neighborhood were getting in on the fun too!  

The homeowner is a guy from Canyon Chasers, and they post videos on their Youtube about learning to ride motorcycles, reviews on products, how-to videos, and even motorcycle riding philosophy. Heck, they even have some cool stuff in their online store for Canyon Chasers...check out that neck gator that looks like a map. Nice.

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