I thought about this as I was watching Dancing With The Stars and seeing Carol Basking enjoying ALL the fame. Fame is what Joe lives for, right?

Now it wasn't all glamour for Carol Baskin, even though she did get to perform to Eye of The Tiger. There was, of course, that awkward moment when the family of her dead ex husband ran a commercial DURING Dancing With The Stars calling Carol Baskin out by name.


Pretty brutal, am I right? Also, can I have the hundred thousand dollars already cause I saw Tiger King and I think I can make a solid case for Carol Baskin killing ole hubby guy.

Carol, however, is clearly living her best life and enjoying the fame right now. Did you see her on Dancing With The Stars? Nobody puts Carol in a corner. Let's just say, she was BASKIN' in the moment. I don't think she's ever been happier than she was dancing. Except maybe when she had her new husband on a leash on Tiger King.


Now, back to Joe Exotic, whose entire existence is motivated by fame, must have been seething from his jail cell while she was out on the big stage dancing in front of everyone. I did hear, however, if you're a fan of Joe Exotic, you can send anything to him in prison with postage and he'll sign it and send it back. Just a friendly tip.

Anyway, I'll go back to my normal Idaho life wondering about the perils of everyone else.

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