Controversial Gillette Ad Has People Split
The internet is split after a new ad from Gillette was released. Entitled 'We Believe: The Best Men Can Be', Gillette sets their sights on topics such as bullying and harassment and how men should be doing more to address these issues.
Take 2...
The video of the old man who just couldn't say "buttery flaky crust" has gone viral thanks to Facebook pages like Viral Thread and others. This has been viewed over 21 million times and has almost 257,000 shares. The commercial is for Dysarts Restaurant in Bangor...
Godzilla Is Actually a Really Cool Guy in New Snickers Ad
Did you know that when he's not rampaging through cities and laying waste to the countryside, the legendary beast known as Godzilla is actually a really cool guy who likes to party, hang out with his buddies and play a mean game of ping pong? That's the one joke in a new Snickers ad, but thankfully, it's a very funny one that makes the most of its absurd imagery.

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