As I look out my window, I see fall, not just the season but the falling temps and the falling leaves. How do you take care of the fallen leaves in your yard?

Last year we raked the front yard and really did nothing with the back, but this year after the wind, it looks like the backyard will need a bit of attention.

Before this weekend I'll be at store buying those big black 100 gallon garbage bags. Alright, I embellish the size of the bags somewhat, but you know the bags I mean.

Last year after raking and bagging we lined part of the house with filled bags thinking it would help isolate the house somewhat, did it work? I'm not sure.

After the job is done there are about 30 bags. I always wonder when you leave the bags out on garbage day if they go to the landfill? They're biodegradable so except for the regular bags it's really I guess OK. Before you get on me, I'll buy biodegradable bags this year.

The previous owners just wheelbarrow-ed the leaves to the woods behind the house and dumped them. I don't think so, as it is mosquito heaven.

I could burn them but I don't want the leaves to float away on fire and hit the trees or worse a roof.

Some people just mow over them and call it mulch.

What do you do with the fallen leaves?


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