The Red Sox are on the verge of their 8th world title. Boston is up three games to two in the 2013 World Series and Game 6 is tomorrow night at Fenway Park. The Red Sox haven’t won the title game in Boston since 1918. Back in 2004 they won it at Busch Stadium and in 2007 the Sox won the trophy in Denver.

Tomorrow or Thursday the Boston Red Sox could have and hopefully will have the experience of winning the World Series at home for the first time in 95 years.

My question is, would you want to be there to see it happen? It will be crazy! Secondly, if your answer is yes, how much would you pay for a seat at Fenway for game 6 tomorrow night?

By looking at the Red Sox website it seems as though game 6 is sold out. For kicks and giggles my co-worker Mike and I were looking at re-sellers' prices. We saw tickets on Stubhub going for $40,000 a piece! Insane cost. Standing room only tickets are going for about $1000. I’m sorry but that’s out of reach for me. Just so you know, these game 6 World Series tickets at face value through the box office were between like, $200-$500.