We keep hearing about how there are thousands of movies and thousands of series on Netflix, but it seems like there are only a few hundred of each available on our accounts' main pages.  Depending how many categories load when you launch your profile, it is probably going to be somewhere south of 1,000 titles (a mixture of movies and TV series).

Clearly, the specific titles available to a certain person will vary from profile to profile.  If you search and watch a lot of action movies, you'll end up seeing more of those and probably never have a Nicholas Sparks tearjerker romance suggested to you.  Although, sometimes, the Netflix algorithm does do strange things. Why would you recommend that I watch "Back To The Future" based on my watching "The Notebook"? Yes, they are both classics, but no....

So, how do you watch the thousands of other titles the streaming service has available?

You either need to know exactly what you are searching or you need to know how to  searching through Netflix by "Alternate Genre".  What's an Alternate Genre?  They are  a list of HIGHLY specific searches.

For example, you would just search for "Comedies".  You'd search for "Teen Comedies", "Satire Comedies", "Romantic Comedies", etc.  The same applies for "Dramas".  There are "Classic Dramas", "Courtroom Dramas", "Crime Dramas" (yes, apparently, there is a difference between courtroom dramas and crime dramas), etc.  You get the idea.

These searches are available on the Ogres-Crypto website. The basic list has hundreds of alternate searches.  Check the basic list HERE.  The expanded list reportedly has 27,000 search categories.  You can find that HERE

The one catch is that there does not appear to be a way to make these work directly through the smart TV app.  So, what I have been doing is using my laptop to search and add them to my list.  Alternatively, you could just find the titles on your laptop (or other web device) and then search the specific title name through your TV.

Okay, so technically, the shows aren't "hidden", but for most people they are not easy to find.

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