It's been hot the last several days and you've probably heard me lamenting on the Morning Show about how hot my living room has been. The kid's rooms and downstairs family room always stay nice and cool because they are below grade, however, the upstairs living room and our master are the scorch zone. We have always had AC in our room, but we have just 'tolerated' the heat in the living room. Well, not anymore. I went out yesterday in search of a new window-unit AC (when it was 10,000 degrees) and everywhere I went was sold out. Lowe's and behold, Lowe's got a shipment in this morning so off I went!

Check out this Bad Larry! Why did I capitalize Bad Larry? Anyway, this is a 10,000 BTU AC from your friends over at GE who ride in SUVs while listening to MP3s trying to avoid the DOT. Can't wait to get home and plug'er in!


Here is a random patio set I want to buy.