It started as any normal post-blizzard morning in Maine usually does. Tossed on the ol' Bean boots, a pair of Cah-Hahts, and climbed into the cab of the 1-ton Cummins to go push some snow around.

I don't plow too many driveways though, just enough to be able to go out and have a little fun in the truck without having to work too hard, ya know? Well, one of the places I plow is high atop Augusta's 'Bolton Hill' and is the 92 Moose transmitter site.

You can see our beautiful 300' tower for miles as it's perched on one of the highest pieces of land in the region. Well, if there's ever a technical issue up there in the winter, our crew needs to be able to access it. Thus, I keep the access driveway plowed out for the company.

Yesterday when I was up there moving literal mountains of snow, I hit some glare ice while backing up and slid off the pavement into the ditch. Oops.


It doesn't look that bad, but I can assure you that the passenger side tires are sitting off the side of a three and a half foot drop. Obviously, as I usually do, I called my buddy Joey Bearce and begged for a favor. Once he got there we determined we (he) needed to cut down a few trees that were pressed up against the side of my door.


After we (he) completed some landscaping, he tried to pull me out. It was an immediate no-go because of how much ice was on the ground. His truck just couldn't get traction. And my 3500 with the plow on weighs a couple pounds.


Time to call in the reinforcements. I put an all-call out to the crew and within minutes, Johnny Blais, Cody Azevedo and Brittany Mason came to the rescue. They dropped a ton of sand and we tried again. We broke strap after strap and even a set of chains. Nothing would haul it out.

Triple A wouldn't come because they won't tow anything with a plow on it. So we decided to go home. However on my way home I got a call from Jeremy Tillson. He asked if I thought his log truck could pull it out. I told him it either would pull the tuck out or rip the back end off trying. So I went back up and met him there, this time in the dark.

We hooked on and gave er' hell. It worked. Unfortunately one of the stumps of the trees we had cut down prior got fetched up under the oil pan and ripped a gash in it. So, my 6.7 liter diesel idled without oil for an undetermined amount of time. oops.

Today it will get towed to the shop and hopefully there isn't any major engine damage. I'll keep ya posted. Maybe daddy's getting a new truck? In the words of my wife, Keri, "Eww, don't call yourself daddy."

The end.

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