Because he's the literal G.O.A.T and deserves it, The End.

Okay I'm just kidding! Well, no, I guess I'm not kidding. Tom really is the greatest of all time, isn't he? Just look at the records and the rings my people! Sure, there have been other great quarterbacks, but there's never been a Tom Brady.

Of course people can argue if Tom is the absolute best there's ever been or not, but in my eyes, as a true Brady fan, he absolutely is. I know a lot of people, several of my close friends included, want nothing more than to see Tom and the Buccs go down in a heaping pile of flames to Green Bay today, and I totally understand their bitterness. That's just not me.

Tommy gave us DECADES of amazing football here in New England as well as lots of bling! Six to be exact. And that still means something to me. I can't find it in my heart to just cast him aside like trash just because he chose to peace out and go to another team. Does it piss me off that he left? Yes! Do I wish he would have stayed and ended his career in New England? You betcha! But, do I still want to see him crush it as a QB anywhere he decides to play? You're damned right I do.

So to all the people who stopped loving Tom after he left NE, I completely understand and don't blame you one bit. You have every right to feel that way if you want. That's just not me. I'd love to see the Buccs take the Pack today and for the Bills to defeat KC. Then I want to see Brady and the Buccs destroy the hopes and dreams of Bills fans everywhere as he marches into his 7th Super Bowl ring.

I guess we'll see what happens!

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