God love Bode Miller. This could be his last Olympics being 36. He’s a New Hampshire native and Maine skier and by all accounts super nice guy. He’s had a rough year with his brother Chelone dying who as well was a Sochi Olympic hopeful when it came to snowboard.

Miller, hoping for gold tied for third in the 'Super G' yesterday. Miller and a Canadian skier both got a bronze medal.

After the race I cannot believe what I saw on TV yesterday. An NBC reporter, Christin Cooper jumped right in Miller’s face and asked him one, maybe two questions that seemed relevant to the run he just had but then to me it looked like Cooper went too personal in her questions at a very emotional moment. After the two appropriate questions the reporter kept hounding Miller about he felt after the run in regards to his brother who had recently passed.

The reporter was probably just trying to get a name for herself as this was her “get” of the day. One question I have is where was NBC? This was pre-taped for prime time, should NBC have either edited the interview or omitted it? Hard telling now as it has aired but that interview was hard to watch. Miller walked off in tears. It wasn't like he was coming out of court or a politician with a scandal, he was one of our athletes.

I don’t know what it’s like to lose a sibling and I don’t know what It’s like to be at the Olympics as an athlete but I really think these sideline reporters need to give these people a moment to collect themselves. I know Miller understands Cooper was doing her job so it lessens my blow in the article here but still, she was in the wrong in my opinion.

This is not just about Bode Miller but about sports in general. It can make for a good sound bite in the case of Seahawks’ Sherman but over all, you have to know where to draw the line when it comes to personal lives.

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